Initially, photography did not fit in the pallet of expertise. Video editing, at the time, received the most attention.

During a summer semester, enrollment to photography class looked like an easy A. The first class mirrored cameras three to five times the size of a standard camera. They were big, all black, had detachable lenses, with multi-function buttons: Characteristics that put Anthony’s point and shoot Camera on its knees.

In the past, point and shoot cameras, were all he knew and instantly felt inadequate. After learning what a DSLR was, Anthony never looked at cameras the same way.

The following Christmas, he received a Canon Rebel T5. Everything observable was a guinea pig to his success. Before Anthony knew it, portraits and bokeh became his passion.

Through a mentor, Anthony was able to grow, not just as a photographer, but as a retoucher as well. At the same time, he nourished a sense of perfection, attention to detail, and a resolve for his craft.

The rush of excitement mingled with anxiety can often be felt whenever doing a photoshoot, which Anthony relates to as part of his motivation to perfect his craft relentlessly.

Photography is self-gratifying; producing images that are satisfactory to Anthony is a means, but pleasing potential clients is an ends.
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